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PREORDER: Woodwick Tins - 8oz

PREORDER: Woodwick Tins - 8oz


Please allow us 3-5 business days to pour your candle!

Our woodwick tins are a great choice if you like burning candles for long periods of time.

The woodwicks give a little crackle when they burn which creates a unique and cozy experience.


Each time you burn your candle, allow wax to attain a full melt pool.

Be sure to trim your wick in between uses for best experience.

If your wick is having issues staying lit, you need to trim.

Wood Wicks sometimes get burnt and frail at the tips after they have been burned awhile.

Trimming the tip will allow the fresh wood to be lit.


If you have any questions please reach out! We are here to help.


- Travel Tin - 8oz

- 25+ Hour Burn Time

- Natural Soy Wax

- Wooden Wick

- Made with Essential Oils

- Phthalate Free / No Chemicals or Additives

- Hand Poured in Small Batches

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