This Miss Destin Candle smells very fresh and elegant.
This is one of our top sellers.  Soft floral notes with salty highlights.
Hints of Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, and Tonka.


This medium glass jar is a nice touch to any room.
An elegant but beachy look -  These are made with natural soy wax and includes a cotton wick. 

They burn about 40+ hours.

Miss Destin; Medium Soy Candle - 9oz

  • - Each time you burn your candle, allow wax to attain a full melt pool.

    - In between uses, when the wax is cooled completely, gently trim off any burnt edges(woodwick)/ball(cottonwick) of the wick. Be sure to remove all debris before relighting. See Facebook for video example- Always burn your candle in sight, and on a flat, heat-resistant surface.

    - Keep away from pets and children.

    - For saftey purposes, discontinue use when 1/2 an inch of wax remains.

    - 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you have any questions please reach out! We are here to help.